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Chloe is the sweetest little pup, and she is absolutely adorable. She has been super calm and relaxed since the first moment of having her. She loves to follow me around and is always interested in where I am at, loves to explore by sniffing everything and also likes to wrestle with my other two dogs. She is extremely lovable, and doesn't hardly ever makes a peep. Chloe likes to chew on bones a...
VIP Rescue Only-head shy, growls while leashed, flinches when touched, stiff body NOT available for adoption. Must be transferred to an approved rescue partner. Weight: 70lbs Heartworm Test: Negative Intake: stray/ ACO pickup Shelter Behavior Observations: curious, head lowered, high energy, flinches when touched, growls. Dog to dog observations: curious, pulling towards other dog with body stiff.
Jackson is a big sweetheart. She likes to watch you do normal routines around the house. She has always lived with other dogs small and big. She loves when my nieces and nephew play with her and it is amazing to watch how playful YET careful she is when around them.
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